Performing at your peak often times means more than running faster or hitting harder. Athletes must be able to effectively do their part as one piece of the unit. In our Team Training programs we act as a supplement to regular team practices. It doesn’t matter what sport or what age, all these sessions require is a team that wants to improve. We consult a team’s coach to see what skills or traits need improvement and construct a program accordingly. Our team training sessions are led by our coaches and focus on building skills and confidence between team members, so teams can operate as one. 

Low Cost, High Benefit

Coming as a team allows for training that focuses on the exact needs of a team, but costs less than training each athlete individually. We coordinate with coaches to see what the team needs to improve on and build a program that focuses specifically on those areas.

Shaping Leaders

Team training sessions help identify and shape the leaders on a team. Great leaders can rally a team to compete at a higher level and redirect the energy and mindset of team positively.

Full Customization

Team training is completely customized to the needs of the team we are training. We work with teams as often as they need, on whatever they need, any time of the year. HPATC offers options for teams to train together on a set schedule over the course of their season, as well as options for them to sign up under a team or affiliate and train at their convenience as small groups or individuals.  

Training Types

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Move quickly and confidently down and around the field, arena or court. Agility training sessions help train athletes to get where they need to be efficiently. Great agility is the most vital element of nearly every sport.


Build those muscles and barrell through the competition. Our strength training programs focus on building the functional strength of teams, so they can apply power to any of their activities. Strength training programs aid in the general athleticism of any athlete.


Make each workout explosive with plyometric sessions. Plyometrics focus on improving an athlete’s ability to engage the full force of their muscle for short bursts. This allows linemen to explode off the line faster and basketball players jump higher.

Scheduled for your team's convenience 2-3 times per week, 60-90 minutes per session. 
Please call HPATC at 484-631-0150 to speak with a coach about training options and packages.