Traditionally athleticism has been limited to physical skills and attributes. We agree physical skills and attributes are an undeniable part of being an athlete, but we also believe there is more to it. Performing at your personal best requires more than being fast and strong. It requires discipline, work ethic and the right strategy. At HPATC, our training programs are customized to each person or team, and centered around building athletes both mentally and physically. It is our goal to provide more than great workouts, we strive to provide comprehensive athletic development programs.

High Performance Athletic Training Center is committed to developing and producing high quality athletes through training programs with the essential principles that define an athlete. Our passion for athletic competition goes beyond physical capabilities and into mental preparedness, focus and sportsmanship. We achieve this through a dedicated staff and the finest training resources available anywhere.

What Makes Us Different?
We take pride in knowing our clients and athletes as individuals.  Our training programs are developed around each individual and customized to meet their goals and maximize their potential.                      

While I am at HPATC, I try to focus on my core strength. Swimmers need a strong core to connect the upper and lower body to swim more efficiently and get off the block quicker. The trainers at HPATC design workouts that focus on overall strength, and team building skills. I enjoy spending time with my teammates outside the pool and working out with swimmers not in my lane. 
— Anna Carozza