HPATC’s training facilities far exceed the facilities of a gym. Our training center is equipped with many of the same facilities that collegiate and professional athletes train with.

30-Yard Indoor Track

Our indoor/outdoor track serves a multi-purpose athletic development tool.  Many of our dynamic warm-ups and agility sessions are performed on the track. These sessions work hand-in-hand with our speed training sessions to increase athlete's mobility.

Indoor Turf

Indoor turf provides athletes with the perfect surface to train agility year round. Training on the same surface that many sports play on, our athletes are able to develop a better sense of balance, learn to maintain speed while changing direction and master overall body control.

Free Weight Center

Many people believe training with machines is just as effective as using free weights. When it comes to building muscle efficiently, free weight training is far more effective. Free weight training requires more coordination between muscle groups, allows for sport specific motions, and does not limit motion to a fixed range.

Woodway High Speed Treadmill

This high-powered treadmill has top speeds and inclines that far exceed conventional treadmills, allowing HPATC to personalize training to each athlete’s needs. We are able to focus stride length and stride frequency or perform overspeed drills.