High level athletes, require top tier equipment. As a member of HPATC, you have access to top tier training center. Our rates are not a secret. We take pride in the value of our training and believe that we offer the best rates around for the services provided.  

I’m extremely competitive and always looking for an advantage over other people, and there’s no doubt HPATC gives that advantage to athletes who train there. Everything is tailored to your own goals, and the trainers there are always more than willing to help. After training at HPATC for sprinting in high school, it was obvious how much they helped improve my speed and really separated me from the rest of the competition, but they’ll also help you become a better all-around athlete. If you want to improve yourself in any way, there’s no more effective solution than walking into HPATC and signing up. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
— Brian Kelly - University of Delaware Track

Athletic Development Membership

Unlimited Speed, Power, Agility, Stamina and Strength Sessions and full access to the facility
Each new membership includes an introductory fee of $100 that includes three Personal Training Sessions.
All members must participate in the introductory Personal Training Sessions before their membership begins

$180 per month

$165 per month

$140 per month


  • SMALL GROUP pricing with group of 5 or more
  • College year discount
  • Sibling Discounts
  • Family Membership= $300/mo. (3 month minimum)


$120 per month
(3 month minimum)

Special Training

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Unlimited access to all FORCE classes. The first week is free.

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Discounts available when 5 or more sessions are purchased

Adult Membership


As a basic member, you enjoy our top-of-the-line training center at your own pace. Basic members have full access to the facilities during our open hours.


As a full member, you have full access to the facilities, but also gain the added benefit of personalized workout programs designed specifically for you.


Full access weekdays 11am-2pm.