FORCE Training is a large group training session, much like a boot camp. The difference is that FORCE Training workouts vary by day. This variation keeps the body working its hardest, so it doesn’t rely on muscle memory, ensuring a more complete workout regimen. Show up, work hard, get fit and then go home knowing you got an awesome workout in.  


Kick off your week, by kicking up your heart rate. Monday is our movement day. Doing bodyweight workouts like squats, push ups and lunges at a rapid pace gets hearts going and calories burning.  We at High Performance believe that learning how to manage your own body’s weight helps develop functional strength.  Functional strength is simply defined as strength which ties directly to the activities of your daily life, whether performing household chores and hobbies or engaging in competitive athletics. 


Gain the strength to power through the rest of the week on Wednesdays. Wednesday FORCE Training utilizes the power of resistance training to tone muscles and rev up metabolic rate.


Come mix it up with us. This is our training variety hour. Keeping your body guessing yields better workouts, so in our Friday class we work on both cardio and strength, instead of just one.


$90 per month

Class Times
8-9am Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Each class has 8-15 people.