Our Corporate training program helps companies keep their workforce healthier. A healthier workforce is a happier workforce, and a happier workforce is a more productive one. Corporate Training is for businesses whose employees spend more than a few hours a day sitting. Giving your employees a chance to rest their brains and instead work their muscles benefits your company. Happier and healthier employees are more likely to stay on task and less likely to take sick days due to pains associated with poor fitness. These sessions are ideal for groups of 4-20 people.

Benefits for All

> Relieves stress, increasing happiness and productivity 
> Fitness programs can lower company health insurance costs

> Eliminates gym time after work, aiding in work life balance
> Relieves stress, increasing happiness, health and productivity

Two Days, Two Different Workouts

Workout One
Get your team going with some cardio. Our first workout of the week is built to keep employees hearts healthy and helps to reduce the risk of everyday injuries.

Workout Two
Workout two is strength training day. Using resistance training, we work with your employees to build their overall strength with low stress resistance bands.

I’m an avid cyclist and started HPATC’s fitness program as a way to keep in shape during the winter season. I saw significant improvement after 6 months of fitness training at HPATC; not just better biking endurance, but more importantly the explosive power to help vault up the monster hills. Rather than narrowly focusing on single muscle groups, HPATC’s method of whole-body fitness engages legs, core, and arms to ensure that your entire body is ready for the spring biking season.
— Joe Barendt, President of Chiral Technologies Inc.