HPATC offers options for every athlete. “Athlete Development” is a comprehensive training program that includes Speed, Agility, and Mobility training sessions and an individualized strength program designed to meet each athlete’s particular needs. Each class is held to a 6:1 Athlete-to-Coach ratio.

How to get started?

Each athlete must partake in an initial performance evaluation, so our coaches can get to know the athlete, understand why they are interested in our services and discover how we can help them improve.  The assessments are complimentary to our packages and are necessary for the staff at HPATC to design an individualized program for each athlete.  Upon becoming a member, each athlete is assigned a coach at HPATC that will guide them through the program and oversee their training progress.  Every individual athlete will have their own file and program to follow with the guidance of our staff.

What is offered in the sessions?

Prior to each session, athletes prime their bodies for movement with a specific warm up lead by HPATC coaches. Athletes go through a series of dynamic stretches, soft tissue warm up and activation drills to prepare their bodies for the upcoming session. Our system is not only used to maximize athletic performance, but to also help with injury prevention.


Our Speed Program is scientifically designed to develop an athlete’s speed to his or her maximum potential. 

Athletes who follow the recommended training program typically see an improvement of two-tenths of a second in their 40-yard dash. Increasing an athlete’s straight ahead speed will not only make the athlete faster out of the gates but it will transfer to their lateral movements and overall quickness.

The use of a Woodway High Speed Treadmill allows our coaches to analyze and improve the athletes running mechanics. Utilizing a controlled environment is the easiest way to promote motor learning.

The goal of HPATC’s SPEED sessions is for athletes to simply MOVE FASTER. Some components of the program include:

- Increased Stride Length & Stride Frequency
- Improved Sprint Mechanics
- Improved Metabolic Factors
- Improved Core Stability
- Increased Proprioception, Body Composition, and Enhanced Self-Esteem

“Even though most sports require short bursts of speed and very little top speed, every speed is a percentage of one’s top speed.” - Loren Seagrave  (World Renown Speed and Conditioning Coach)


The overall goal of our Agility sessions is to help the athletes apply their linear (straight ahead) speed to lateral movements that are quick and safe. Through our progression of training, the athletes gain the ability to rapidly change directions without the loss of speed, balance, or body control.

Some movement patterns and drills we use to help athletes achieve better agility are: acceleration and deceleration drills, quick feet and ladder drills, cone and sharp cutting patterns, backpedaling, reaction and shadowing exercises.

The improved coordination and muscle development from agility training also aids in injury prevention.

Strength, Core, Injury Prevention & Mobility

Each athlete at HPATC is given a strength program designed specifically for their sport, age and abilities. A coach is always on the weight room floor to ensure each movement is performed properly and safely. HPATC uses a wide variety of functional strength training movements and tools to develop strong, well-rounded athletes. Documentation of each session allows the athlete and coaches to monitor progress within the program.

Within each strength program, our coaches implement core stabilizing and strengthening exercises. Many cases show that improved core strength and stability are pivotal in improving athletic performance. A strong core is imperative for an athlete to transfer maximal force through the ground, bat, or stick. After athletes go through their core workout, they will go through a series of upper and lower body mobility drills. These are used to enhance range of motion and body awareness, creating well-developed, injury-free athletes.